Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

These pictures are a little late, but it's better then never! Dustin and I spent Thanksgiving in Nashville at his parents.

This picture is Dustin's Mom and Grandma cooking.

This is Dustin and his other Grandma getting food ready for the table! Yummy!

Dustin, his brother Drew, and of course Diesel!
This is Dustin's Grandpa holding Diesel on the right and McGyver (Dustin's parents dog) on the left!
Dustin's Mom and I got matching coats on black Friday! Aren't they so cute!
In this picture we are at the airport on our way home. Diesel was cuddling on Dustin's lap. The flight to Nashville was Diesel's first flight! He did great! The two of them look pretty tired after a long weekind!

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