Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Word

I've picked my word for 2009: FEARLESS. It doesn't quite mean no fear. More like having the balls to do certain things this year. Fearless for me is falling madly in love again, even though you've been hurt before. Fearless is to have faith that someday things will change. Fearless is having the courage to say goodbye to someone who only hurts you, even if you can't breathe without them. I think loving someone despite what people think is fearless. Letting go is fearless. Then moving on and being alright....that's fearless.
So what is your word for this year? Head over to Ali's blog to read more about this. I posted about it last year on here too. She has a whole list of words that people have already choosed. Good luck.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Project 365

So I'm on board with this picture a day thing. I tried to start it last year, but just didn't keep up with it. I'm hoping to get my hands on one of these kits which would really help keep the project going!!
Tracy has a Project 365 that she is giving away on her BLOG!!