Saturday, December 1, 2007


My first post! This is kinda scary being able to just write whatever I want on here! Well, today I finally got around to putting up Christmas decor including the tree. I started out this morning going to get lights to put on the outside of the house. This is what it looked like outside...

SCARY! Some how Dustin and I managed to get to the store and get our lights. After I dropped Dustin off at home, I headed out into the blizzard AGAIN to go get an artificial tree and some ornaments.

Last night I stopped at Farm & Fleet and picked up a few ornaments and a white pointsetta for the kitchen table, it looks gorgeous!

Here are a few pictures of putting up the tree, the ornaments before they went on the tree and the final tree. I picked green, brown, a little silver, and a little pink for the tree this year. I love it!

That's my little doggie Diesel that keeps popping in and out of pictures!! Isn't he so cute! He has his sweater on to keep him warm when he has to go outside! Speaking of, today was his first encounter with snow, I don't think he like it very much! It seemed like his little paws got cold quick and there was so much snow he couldn't even walk thru it! Being the nice mom that I am, I shoveled him a little path into the snow! Ok, back to the tree pictures!
That's the tree all lite up! It looks so pretty!

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elizabeth said...

I love your tree and the white poinsettas-very pretty!

I am dieing over your cute little dog Diesel! That name made me laugh!! I love it!:)