Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Room Pictures

So here are some updated photos of my room. There are still a few things not in these pictures that have been recently added or plans that I have that aren't finished! I have a new custom built white chair for sitting at my scrapbooking table. It's beautiful! It was handmade by the same guys who built all of our cabinets in my parents house! I sketched out what I wanted the chair to look like so it matched my table and they built it! You can also see my huge mirror still leaning on the wall. I want to get some thick and chunky frame to put around it and hang it up. You can also see all of the frames on my dresser. Now that I have the new printer, I plan on making a collage of pictures right about the dresser. I was all black frames with black and white photos in them. Some new pictures and some super old pictures! Can't wait to finish that! There's also a picture of the sitting area with only one chair. That's not the chair I want to have there, but it's working for now. I eventually want one chair on each side of that little table. The large mirrow is also going on the wall behing this sitting area! You can see all the junk sitting on the floor in the corner. Well that's were my desk is suppose to go! It'll all get there in time!

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