Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Room

So here are a few pictures from my new room! It's not finished yet, but it's pretty close. The first picture is my bed! How great does it look?! I think it looks like a hotel room. But that's just me. It's so nice and fluffy and comfortable! I still have to finish the painting on the wall behind my bed. The next picture is the other end of the room. You can see my scrapbooking table right in the middle of the room. There will also be some doors put on the closet in the back. The last picture is half of my closet. I finally have my own walk in closet! There's so much room that I might have to go shopping to fill it up!


elizabeth said...

i love your room!! i love the colors!!

thanks for sharing that site with me! it's got a lot of cute stuff!!

have a great day!

elizabeth said...

I just realized that you asked for a template of the recycle sign...I haven't forgotten:)

elizabeth said...


the ac thickers are new from CHA.

want some i have extra:)